recrutment  selaction of CAT Composition

п»ї 1 ) 0 Advantages:

Internship in B. W. A Program is a scope of gathering useful knowledge upon corporate environment by performing an organization for any certain period. In today's world Human Recourses Administration is too much important for just about every organization. In early days once HR is not fully defined individuals face a large number of problems to manage the employee. As being a BBA student with major in Human Resource Management corporate level companies are the most appropriate field to assemble the experience of the selection and recruitment method. As a corporate company, Bangla CAT has its performance management system and it is the dealer of Caterpillar Incorporation in Bangladesh. Bangla FELINE has more than 2500 corporate customer. Inside the industrial sector, Bangla CAT is the greatest provider of independent electrical power generation alternatives in Bangladesh and among the largest Caterpillar gas engine dealers throughout the world. Bangla KITTEN has more than 2500 corporate and business customers. It is clear that to know regarding effectiveness of recruitment and selection process Bangla Cat is considered the most prominent place.

1 . 1 Origin of the report

This report have been done as per the requirement of the Internship plan for three month for the fulfillment from the curriculum with the BBA Program of the Company of East University. Purchasing practical work experience was the major objective with this report. For the completing this internships program, the location was in a company company namely, " Bangla CAT”. Because the manager of the Internee Tasnuva Rahman, Assistant Teacher of Business Administration, Asian University, continues to be assigned. The chosen topic for the report is " Calculating the Effectiveness of Recruiting and Selection Process of Bangla CAT Ltd”.

1 . a couple of Problem statement and Explanation of the Study

There are many international companies which has their abundant HR department. To guarantee better support by Bangla Cat Ltd., they have to remain competitive in the competitive market. A firm can give better service only if they have very well qualified and efficient workers that are so why an efficient recruitment and selection process is important. By simply realizing the importance of recruitment and selection, this statement has been done by measuring the efficiency of recruitment and selection process of Bangla Kitten Ltd. By this report, it can be easily noted that how an appropriate and qualified workers can be appointed by using successful recruitment and selection process therefore this theme is picked.

1 . 3 Objectives with the report

This statement on Bangla Cat Limited. is well prepared for some distinguished objective, which can be as follows 1 . 3. you Broad goal:

To measure the success of recruiting and selection of Bangla CAT Limited.

1 . three or more. 2 Certain objectives:

To know the sources of recruitment of Bangla CAT Ltd.

To determine the selection means of Bangla KITTEN Ltd.

To know the kinds of interview that is used by KITTY.

To identify the environmental factors that affects the recruitment and selection process of Bangla KITTEN Ltd. 1 . 4 Technique of the report

The analysis requires different kinds of information, past and present data etc . for measuring efficiency of recruitment and selection process of Bangla KITTY Ltd.

1 . 4. 1 Type of Exploration:

This studies mainly disovery research that is done to explore new information. By this survey it can be explored that just how efficiency and effectively Bangla CAT Ltd recruits and selects employees.

1 . some. 2 Populace

All workers of Bangla CAT which is 522 staff are the populace of the report.

1 . four. 3 Test

Every employs of HR department and Administration department had been the test of this report. There are 17 employees doing work in administration office and a dozen employees are working in HR department therefore total test size of this report is definitely thirty.

1 . 4. some Sample strategy

This report has made by utilizing non likelihood sampling approach.

1 . four. 5 Sources of data:

To help make the internship...


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