Prices and discounts of our service

Prices that our company has for its clients depends on three things: academic level of your paper, time of delivery (urgent or not), number of pages. If your paper is complicated, it will cost you more. If it is urgent, it also will cost you more. If you still have some questions about our prices, you always can communicate with the representatives of our Customer Service.

On the web, you will meet a lot of writing services that provide their academic services for low prices. Unfortunately, pleasant prices don’t mean pleasant papers. Most of such writing providers don’t know what it means to write original papers of good quality. They prefer to cheat on people and sell them mediocre writings that are often plagiarized. If you don’t want to have problems with your college or university, it is necessary to avoid them. On our website, you don’t find low prices for papers, but they are affordable and of excellent quality.

When you buy our papers, you pay in USD for every page. Usually, such page is done in font 12pt, Times New Roman, with double spacing. Generally, one such page includes about 300 words. Yet, you always can ask to change parameters, if you need this. You just need to write your special requirements in the order form. However, the price of paper with different parameters also will be different.

In the table that you can see in front of you, there are prices for our services without the VAT tax. This tax should be paid only by consumers from the EU. It is always added automatically to the price of your papers.