Piaget’s and Vygotsky’s Ideas: Study Information Questions Article

Quiz #1- Study Guideline

1) One major big difference between Piaget's and Vygotsky's theories is the fact Vygotsky emphasized that… Webpage Ref: 267 2) Which usually period of human development is among the most rapid phase of modify? Page Ref: 5

3) Piaget's theory is described as a constructivist approach mainly because Piaget… Site Ref: 224

4) Piaget based his sequence of development on…

Page Ref: 224

5) Piaget utilized ___________ to analyze child and adolescent thought. Page Ref: 20

6) Preschoolers who have create mythical companions generally _________ compared to their agemates who might not have imaginary companion pets. Page Ref: 240 7) Jean-Jacques Rousseau's philosophy characterized development as… Page Ref: 12

8) Most 3- and 4- year olds…

Page Ref: 241

9) One significant criticism of behaviorism while an approach to creation is that it… Page Ref: 19

10) G. Stanley Hall and his student, Arnold Gesell…

Webpage Ref: 13

11) According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau's concept of rspectable savage… Site Ref: doze

12) The capacity for _____________ distinguishes the formal detailed stage from the concrete functional stage. Page Ref: 253. 13) Charles Darwin is definitely the forefather of scientific kid study because… Page Ref: 13

14) According to Piaget's cognitive-developmental theory… Web page Ref: nineteen

15) In watching twins, one in the concrete functional stage as well as the other in the formal functional stage, solve the Piaget's pendulum difficulty, what differences would be apparent? Page Ref: 251 (figure 6. 15) 16) In Piaget's theory, each time equilibration occurs,

Page Ref: 225

17) In accordance to Piaget, during ________, children interpret experiences regarding existing schemes, whereas in __________, outdated schemes happen to be adjusted and new types created to seem sensible of the environment. Page Ref: 225. 18) Vygotsky's theory focuses on…

Page Ref: 24

19) A classroom environment based on Piaget's theory of intellectual development would be likely to emphasize… Page Ref: 21 20) John Locke...


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