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Mock CAT 7 2012

Section I (QA & DI)

1 ) The quantity of 3 numbers within a. P. is 45. In the event the sum with their squares can be 683, precisely what is the largest with the three quantities? (a) sixteen (b) 19 (c) 17 (d) 18 The average selling price of three shares A, B and C is Rs. x. Shares A and C lose Rs. y every and W gains Rs. The value of sumado a is (a) 2 three or more.

2 .

sumado a. As a result, the regular market price in the three stocks decreases simply by Re. 1 . 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) dependent on back button

C(n, 3rd there’s r ) =

n! in which n! = n Г— (n в€’ 1) Г— (n в€’ 2) Г— K Г— 2 Г— 1 . 3rd there’s r! Г— (n в€’ r )!

Precisely what is the smallest positive integer ‘k' such that C(2k, k) is definitely divisible simply by 200? (a) 23 (b) 61 (c) 13 (d) 11 some. If a, n, and c are confident integers so that (a – b + c)(b – c + a)(c – a & b) = 15, then simply what is the item of a, b and c? (a) 24 (b) 64 (c) forty two (d) May not be determined In the figure provided below, ABCD is a trapezium, through which AB||CD and DP||CQ. If perhaps AP sama dengan 4 products, QB sama dengan 2 devices and CD = some units, then what is exactely the area in the triangle COD to that from the triangle AOB?





O A 4

(a) 4: 25 6.


(b) a couple of: 5




(c) 1: 2 (d) non-e of those

A watch, which will gains period uniformly, was 5 minutes lurking behind the correct time when it demonstrated 11: fifty five AM in Monday. It had been 10 minutes ahead of the correct time when it revealed 06: 15 PM on the next day. The moment did this timepiece show the appropriate time? (a) 6 I AM, Tuesday (b) 6 PM HOURS, Monday (c) 2 EVENING, Tuesday (d) 10 PM, Monday An event f(x) is definitely defined for all those real beliefs of x as 2f(x) + f(1 – x) = x2. What is the significance of f(5)? (a) 10 (b) 17 (c) 34 3


(d) Cannot be decided

Mock KITTEN 7 2012




Two jars have milk and water inside the ratio 7: 3 and 3: a couple of respectively. In what ratio if the contents with the two jars be merged such that the last ratio of milk and water inside the resultant answer becomes 3: 17? (a) 1: several (b) 1: 5 (c) 3: a few (d) Info Inconsistent

on the lookout for.


one particular b+ 1 c+ 1 d +K

= 21/ 3

If the, b, c, d and so on are great integers, in that case what is the significance of ‘b'? (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 3 twelve.

(d) a few

A car operates on several tyres and has a single extra tyre. If every single tyre lasts for 10, 000 km in that case what is the maximum distance (in km) the fact that car can easily travel making use of the five tyres? (a) 15, 000 (b) 11, 000 (c) doze, 500 (d) 15, 000

Directions to get questions 10 to 13: Answer the questions based on the information provided below. The political parties stated in the graph given below participated in a constituency election. The graph displays the number of votes received by candidates of six main parties and other smaller parties in Rounded 1 of the election. The selection is placed as follows: In Round one particular, if a applicant gets much more than 50% with the total number of votes players in that circular, (s)he is usually declared the winner of the election, more, top 5 prospects based on the quantity of votes go on to Round installment payments on your In Rounded 2, if the candidate gets more than 50% of the amount of votes cast in this round, (s)he is announced the champion of the selection, else, top rated 3 individuals based on the quantity of votes move to Round 3. In Rounded 3, the candidate who have gets the maximum number of ballots in that circular is declared the champion of the political election. Assume that you will find no connections in choosing top 5, top rated 3 (if Round two happens) prospects or the success (if Circular 3 happens) in Round 3.

1800000 16, 52, 754 16, 38, 192 16, 32, 913 18, 42, 139 16, 34, 345 of sixteen, 42, 332 1600000 1400000 1200000 1000000 800000 600000 400000 one particular, 51, 325 200000 zero AJP Kongress Junda Dal Bajrangi Samajik Hindu Other folks Dal Party Muslim Get together

Number of Votes


a couple of

Mock KITTY 7 2012


Among the five applicants who relocated to Round a couple of, the prospect with the most of ballots in Round 1 received what percentage of the amount of ballots in that round? (a) 17. 4 % (b) 19. 8% (c) 16. five per cent (d) 18. 2% If the votes received by the prospects of Samajik Party and Hindu Muslim Party in Round you are not taken into consideration, then in what percentage details does the talk about of " Others”...


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