Internship Statement Essay

Jagannath University or college, Dhaka

Department of Marketing


To: BBA Students

CC: Chairmen Dept. of Marketing

Ref: HOD-MS/101-2011/244

Dated: September 4, 2013 From: HOD-MS (UGS)

Ext: 233


Each of the students of BBA programme presently doing their particular internships by various businesses are directed to strictly the actual revised internships report file format. A copy in the format is likewise posted on the university website.

NAME: Maryland. Abdul Kader SumonSignature: _______________

Appointment: Brain,

Department of Marketing

Internship Record (BBA Students)

The doc has been created to guide the students of BBA that will be composing their internship reports depending on their summer season internship experience. All logement are required to strictly conform to the format and description given below while submitting their particular reports for the internship manager.

Format and Content

Subject Page

•Name of the University with Bahria's Logo

•Name of company/firm/organization (for internship)

•Student's brand, ID, email address and session

•Date of submission

•Supervisor's name (at the place of internship), subject, phone and email address

Desk of Articles

Should Include:

•Section and Bass speaker Section headings.

•Page Numbering

•List of tables/graph/charts

Professional Summary(1 page)

An executive summary should present an over view of the finish report to ensure that the reader include a quick glance at the report just before reading that in detail.

Company Overview (2-3 pages)

•Brief description with the organization

•Organizational design with respect to the departmentalization, chain of command within just departments, period of control, work specializations. •Products, competitors, markets etc .

Position and Description of Duties (2-3 pages)

•Your position name

•Description of departments/branch activities/operations you worked...


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