Guideline on how to write titles of books in essays

The essay is a common assignment for every student. Every essay type has its peculiarities, but all of them have something similar. One of the problematic questions when it comes to writing essays is titles of books and other sources of information. When students need to write them, they become confused and often make a lot of mistakes. If to look at various academic papers, it is easy to notice that titles of books are written differently. This is the reason, why students are so puzzled with this question. Fortunately, there are professionals who have great experience in academic writing. They can help you with anything and also they can share with you their knowledge of how to write titles of books in essays.

You probably have noticed that titles can be written differently. If you wonder who is right and who is wrong, you need to know that all of the variants are right. How to write titles of books in essays depends on styles that you need to use for your academic paper. There are three basic styles that are mostly used for writing different academic papers:

  • MLA style;
  • APA style;
  • Chicago style;

MLA style

Generally, all titles in MLA style are written according to these principles:

  • No titles are underlined
  • Title can’t get italics and quotation mark at the same time;
  • Always should be used a right formatting

Except for general rules, it also necessary to know information about the formatting of titles in this style. You should use quotations only when your source is a part of some bigger work. You italicized your title when your source is independent.

Capitalizing of titles written in MLA style

Another question that bothers students is capitalizing of titles. There are also certain rules about this in every style, including MLA. In this style, you need to capitalize the first letter of every main word. You don't capitalize article, propositions, and conjunctions unless they are at the very beginning of the sentence.

APA style

APA style also has its rules of writing titles of books, book chapters, articles, reports, etc.

  • No titles are underlined;
  • No quotation marks;
  • Always should be used a right formatting.

Formatting of titles written in APA style

First of all, you should know that the formatting of titles in this style depends on two things: the independence of your source of information and the locations of the titles (it can be located in the text or in the reference list entry). It was already mentioned that in this style, you shouldn’t use underlining and quotation marks, but you can use italics. However, you can italicize titles only of periodicals, newspapers, magazines and books. You shouldn’t italicize chapters and articles.

Capitalizing of titles written in APA style

There also certain rules about capitalizing in APA style. It utilizes two types of capitalization: sentence case and title case. According to title case, you can capitalize these types of headings and titles:

  • Titles of references ( in the text);
  • Headings at level one and two;
  • The title of your paper;
  • Titles of magazines, newspapers or journals.

Except for these rules, there are a few more that can help you to understand what words to capitalize:

  • Every first word of title/heading, subtitle/ subheading should be capitalized;
  • You need to capitalize all main words, like nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns and adverbs;
  • You need to capitalize every word that has four letters or more.

Chicago style has the same characteristics of titles formatting and capitalization as MLA style. To make everything right can be very complicated because it is necessary to have years of practice and deep knowledge of this question. Not every student can handle such task and not every student really needs such knowledge. If you are a person from one of the categories, you should start cooperating with a reputable writing company and its professional writers.