Guideline on how to write a personal essay for college

Personal essay is an academic paper that requires from you writing and analytical skills. You need to create this paper when you decide to enter some college. It is an important part of your application and you should take it seriously. If you know general principles of essay writing, it doesn’t mean that you know how to write a personal essay for college successfully. Ask yourself a question whether you can impress admissions department with your essay or not. College is a serious thing in everyone’s life and it is better to turn to professional assistance for help with personal essay writing. Moreover, experts in academic writing are glad to share with their knowledge that will be advantageous during writing your personal essay.

What your personal essay should be

There are a few things that you should be aware of to create this type of paper. You need to remember the main features that every personal essay should have.

The personal essay is one of the essay types, so it has an identical structure as any other essay.

  • Title;
  • Introduction part;
  • Body paragraph;
  • Conclusion.

Title shouldn’t be too long or too short. The best possible variant is from 5 to 7 words. Your title should attract attention and promise your readers something interesting. Your introduction should consist of a couple of sentences. The last sentence is a thesis statement. Your thesis statement is also a promise of an interesting story about yourself. In your body paragraph, you provide a few arguments about your personality and explain them by examples. To conclude, you need to sum up everything important in previous paragraph. You also can promise to develop or improve some of the skills that you think are important.

Personal essay features

You write your personal essay to impress admissions department. If you really desire to leave a good impression from your essay, you should know its basic features.

  • Write this essay about yourself;
  • Write about things that aren’t obvious from your application;
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  • Pick only a small number of vital features of your personality;
  • Be creative;
  • Provide examples.

You should never forget that your essay should be always personal. In most of the cases, admissions department will understand if it is written not about you or partly about you. It is also possible to give some facts about your family and friends, but this information should be relate to you. Moreover, you need to be quite specific and don’t provide too much information. Choose your best qualities and present them in your essay. It is also advantageous to provide some examples of your qualities from life.

What more you need to write a successful essay

Except those basic elements of every personal essay, you also should be aware of a number of things that will be useful during the process of making your personal essay.

Things to avoid in your personal essay

Except those things that you should include in your paper, there are a few more that you should avoid.

  • Don’t lie in your essay;
  • Don’t guess your readers’ desires;
  • Don’t write obvious things;
  • Don’t start writing your paper at the last day.

Everyone wants to look better in front of admissions department, but you need to understand that all of them have a great experience in identifying really good and interesting essays among those that mediocre. One more mistake is a decision to try to guess what your readers want to see in your personal essay.

Something that shouldn’t be forgotten

Don’t forget to revise and edit your personal essay at the end of writing. It is a vital part, because you have to correct all the errors and make sure that your academic paper sounds well. If you have done your essay, but you still dissatisfied with it, you should find someone highly professional, who knows how to write a personal essay for college and ask him/her for a professional editing.