Guideline on how to write a good narrative essay

The essay is one of the most common academic papers that teachers and professors ask students to accomplish. Some of them are very interesting and quite beneficial and others are boring and useless. However, wise students have found a decision that helps them economize their time and still achieve high points for their essays. They utilize the help of experts in academics. In this article, you will get to know how to write a good narrative essay. In general, narrative essay requires from students telling the story from their own life experience and connecting it to the class theme. Writing this type of essay can be fun, but if you think that it is a waste of your precious time, you should choose a reliable partner to save your reputation.

Essay prewriting process

In this type of essay, prewriting process is quite simple, because you don’t need to study a lot of information, you need only your own experience.

In general, a narrative essay consists of two elements: your story and an analysis of this story. In most of the cases, you get the topic or theme for your story from your teacher. He/she wants you to write a narrative essay where you present your short story with the analysis that is related to the specific theme. There are a few things you should remember about when you consider what story to choose for your paper.

  • Pick a story that has at least some relation to the class theme;
  • Pick a story that is quite short (you won’t be able to present a long story the way you want in one small essay)
  • Pick a story with a limited number of characters;
  • Pick a story that you clearly remember (it will be easier to provide specific details).

Make an outline of your story

Before start writing your paper, it is better to create a short outline of your story. You should write short sentences that will tell the story step by step. Every story has its beginning, middle part, and end. It is also useful to write down some important information about some specific details, a short description of places and characters. All this will help you to write your essay and don't miss anything.

Essay writing process

When you already know what to tell about in your narrative essay, it is time to start writing. You have your outline in front of you and you already imagine where to start your story.

What to write about?

There are a few important things that you should know to make your story interesting and attractive.

  • It is better to use past simple tense, then any other present tense.
  • You need to write your story in 1st person (usually, it is I).
  • Choose protagonist (usually the narrator) and antagonist (someone or something that stands in a way to some goal).
  • Provide detailed descriptions of main characters and main settings.

After you have finished telling the story, it is time to analyze it and explain your point of view and your actions. This is the part where you explain how it is related to the topic or theme of your assignment. You should be confident that this part is present in your essay because, without it, your paper won't make any sense.

What to avoid in your paper?

There are a few things that should be avoided in your essay if you want to make it successful.

  • Avoid complex words and sentences;
  • Don’t provide descriptions of every moment;
  • Try not to use second-person narrative;
  • Don’t sound too formal;
  • Diminish the number of references;
  • Don’t be too broad.

If you follow all the recommendations, you will be able to improve writing skills of your narrative essay. After you have done with your essay, you shouldn’t forget to check it and correct all the mistakes. Yet, if you still think that it is not enough for you to understand all the peculiarities of how to write a good narrative essay, it is better for you to rely on some highly professional writing agency that knows everything about such kind of papers and can create you any paper.