Fast Food Cafe: Mcdonald’s Dissertation

Operations Management

Case one particular: FAST FOOD


Hussein El-Ratel


1)How are in-store orders taken?

2)Are the burgers prepared to purchase, or are they will prepared ahead of time and delivered from a storage trash can? 3)How will be special orders handled?

4)How are definitely the hamburgers grilled?

5)How are the burgers assembled?

6)Is a microwave oven used in the process?

7)How are other common items, such as Chocolate bars and beverages, handled? 8)How long (time) does the means of an order take?

9)Observe and describe the layout from the place.

Junk food Restaurant: McDonald's

1)McDonald gives self-service services to its customers. The shoppers come for the restaurant, book their purchase at the purchase and repayment counter. The staff of the restaurant provides the food products on the table from the customer or perhaps the customer himself can take this to the table. Every one of the franchise in the Organization uses the same design to provide exclusive and standardised services. The orders are delivered to the purchasers within the small fraction of a day.

2)There is not a fix time for you to prepare Burger. During the lunch hours, a massive rush can be seen at McDonald's restaurant. Just for this situation, they will prepare Burger before the lunch break and retail store it for their grocery and deliver it according to customer requirements. They are also prepared on the needs and requests of the buyers. The Production upon order is done when we have a large purchase at once; otherwise the cafe always prepares its share of the fast food ready to end up being delivered to the purchasers.

3)The unique orders by McDonald happen to be handled quickly, securely and professionally. The Special Requests of the consumer are noted, prepared and delivered in line with the requirements with the customer. As an example, when a person orders cheese burger without onion, the process to prepare the hamburger is molded according to the client. The Production Method flows in a chain way. The Process as well as the...


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