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Planning for the First Evaluation Multiple Choice Questions: 1 . According on your text, what two concerns lay in the middle of Reconstruction? В A. В whether the federal or perhaps state government was ultimately sovereign, and whether African People in the usa or Natives were one of the most oppressed group group M. В which party would gain the ascendancy, and how the us government could regulate the economy C. В the way forward for political and economic electrical power for Photography equipment Americans, and the future of North-South economic and political contact D. В rebuilding the North's shattered economy, and repairing the South's shattered world 2 . Throughout the war, congressional leaders believed that Lincoln's plan ________, so they will passed ________. В A. В would price them votes in the North; a program made to attract white-colored support in the South W. В ignored the truth of slavery; the Thirteenth Amendment above the president's arguments C. В was too easygoing; the more exacting Wade-Davis invoice, which Lincoln vetoed G. В was acceptable; its essential provisions, but shifted primary responsibility to Congress В

3. The two Lincoln's and Johnson's Reconstruction plans shared an purpose toВ A. В provide monetary assistance to previous slaves.

N. В punish the southern planter class due to its rebellion.

C. В liberally scholarhip pardons to Confederate military.

D. В give Congress the last say in shaping the reconstruction method. В

5. The Major Republicans in Congress contacted Reconstruction with each of the subsequent convictions BESIDES thatВ A. В to heal the nation, the South must be treated with generosity and compassion. W. В to avoid any recurrence of the southern area of resistance, the strength of the planter class should be destroyed. C. В to complete the task in the war, captivity must be totally and irrevocably abolished. D. В to continue to keep faith with all the antislavery crusade, the rights of freedmen must be anchored. В

your five. The southern response to war's end and Johnson's software of Reconstruction indicatedВ A. В despair and defiance.

B. В remorse and resolve to rebuild.

C. В willingness to offer an overall look of accommodation to north desires. G. В grudging recognition that they had to repudiate their old-line Confederate leadership. В

6. Underneath new leader Andrew Meeks, presidential ReconstructionВ A. В would implement a harsher software on the To the south than Lincoln subsequently had needed. B. В adhered substantially towards the views of congressional leaders. C. В made it easy for former high-ranking Confederates to assume positions of electrical power in the reconstructed southern governments. D. В was never implemented, because Our elected representatives passed its own program before Johnson's may go into result. В

six. Which in the following is definitely NOT true about the Radical-dominated Reconstruction Our elected representatives? В A. В The central focus of their program was going to protect the civil rights of blacks. B. В It sought to build Republican party support in the South by simply winning the black political election and curtailing the power of the planter school. C. В Its influence grew when Johnson's vetoes went moderates in the Radical camp. D. В Its influence waned when northern voters repudiated Radical congressmen at the forms in 1866. В

8. The central concern that divided Johnson and congressional Radicals wasВ A. В the long term place of African Americans in U. S i9000. society.

W. В how to win votes for the Republican get together in the southern region.

C. В whether the power of the planter category should be broken. D. В whether federal soldiers should be positioned as a great occupying force in the southern area of states. 9. The North interpreted dark codes asВ

A. В evidence that the Southern sought to keep freedmen within an economically dependent and lawfully inferior status. B. В evidence that the Southern, by granting limited privileges such as enabling jury support, was slowly and gradually accommodating to an improved status for past slaves. C. В a reasonable solution by the South to the problems produced by abrupt emancipation. M. В a harmful experiment by South that can lead to sociable equality for blacks in the North. В 10. The the southern part of governments, as initially...


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