extended dissertation

Brianca Wright

Interpersonal Psychology

Word count: 4000

An Examination of the Bad Effect of Altering Women's Systems in Marketing on Adolescent Female's Skin image

Research Question:

To what extent has altering women's body in advertising campaign impacted girl adolescents to get a negative belief of their own body image?


Altering women's bodies using advanced technological enhancing software is one common marketing practice within this advertising corporations. Practices such as photoshopping enable advertisers the technological ways to alter can certainly bodies making them appear flawlessly beautiful. While this practice becomes wide-spread, this phenomenon raises the question of how significantly altering images of can certainly bodies results the body image of women, but especially the extremely influenced female adolescents whom strive to emulate the images they see inside the media. Frequently the versions displayed in print share specifically similar physical characteristics which in turn society, as being a collective whole, has discovered to phone and label as gorgeous. Current information indicate that teenage girls evaluate themselves to the women that they see in advertisements and television The typical adolescent woman, however , fails to realize that these " beautiful” women had been physically enhanced via photoshopping. In intense cases, corporations have altered images to where 1 " perfect” woman is made from the collection of specific body highlights of multiple ladies. Thus the image viewed simply by female children remains actually unobtainable.. Analysis indicate that these photoshopped pictures can and do negatively impact their body-image as they result in adolescent young ladies endorsing more negative dissatisfaction about their physique. Experiencing unhappiness with their body puts teenage girls in danger of developing mental health disorders, such as Anorexia Nervosa, and having a bad self-esteem. Even though photoshopped pictures are not likely the sole take into account the development of problems, they more and likely enjoy a significant contributing role. Corporations like Ove have taken a stand to broaden the limitations that have been set on what is considered beautiful. In the event that society grows what is known as beautiful, more girls will be able to feel comfortable in their own skin. Desk of Articles


" I viewed a Barbie doll while i was six and said, 'This is exactly what I want to appear like. ' I think a lot of little 6-year-old girls, or perhaps younger still, are looking at that doll and thinking, 'I want to be her. '” says Cindy Knutson, 48, a woman who has worked her whole life to look like Barbie (Dittmar). Since 1959, Barbie features arguably recently been viewed as a great icon exemplifying American society's model image of the " perfect” woman's physique. Roughly 99% of ladies have grown up playing with Barbie dolls (Bellis). However , this kind of blonde, blue eyed, extraordinary doll demonstrates the physical characteristics of only 5% of the human population who appreciate her natural beauty (Russell). As girls older, they maneuver from having fun with Barbie dolls into studying magazines and watching television. Woman adolescent's brains are trained into convinced that looking like " Barbie” can be beautiful and desirable (Dittmar). The high dimensions hallmark to Barbie parallel a fresh phenomenon in the wonderful world of advertising named photoshopping (Kilbourne). Adolescence

During adolescence, an interval between the ages 13 to 19, significant physical, emotional, and psychological changes occur. One of the emotional constructs getting formulated during this time is the adolescents' self-identity often times referred to as self-concept (" Age of puberty Puberty, Teenagers”). According to Oswalt, " self-identity refers to the detailed characteristics, attributes, and abilities that people value to define themselves” (Oswalt). To get adolescents to have a healthy identity, they also have to have a healthy self-esteem....

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