Atomic Theory - Essay

Atomic theory is definitely the idea that matter is made up of tiny particles made from atoms. The atomic theory first acquired 5 factors which were mentioned by John Dalton who have came up with this. The first one was that all elements were made from small units called atoms. The second one particular was that every atoms of the given factor are similar to each other. Third, all the atoms were totally different from all the other atoms. Fourth, atoms of different components combined with each other in equivalent numbers to form compounds. Fifth and final, atoms can not be broken down, developed or divided.

John Dalton was a chemist in the early 19th 100 years and his work was focused on the behavior and properties of gases. He used his work on gases to come up with his law of proportions that has been true to the tiniest particle or atom. Then he found out that he might use that to get the atomic excess weight of each component. When Steve Dalton produced his atomic theory, it had been based on simple deductive thinking and was later; screening by his successors demonstrated that the majority of his theory was correct. From the atomic theory created simply by John Dalton, Neil Bohr a physicist was able to produce his own theory, the Bohr Atomic theory that was about an atoms structure and more in its atomic weight.

David Dalton's atomic theory had not been perfect, it had its defects, but it went above and beyond during its period. Some of the problems with Dalton's theory are that his second law that most atoms of the identical element are exactly the same is false because today we have located that there are other kinds of atoms named isotopes. An isotope is definitely an atom that has a simlar amount of bad particals and protons, but it recieve more neutrons that increase their atomic mass. Some examples of isotopes are Carbon 12, carbon 13, carbon 13, Uranium (234, 235, and 238) and lithium (6, 7). Carbon 14 is particularly useful since we know the rate of decay and can use to discover how aged an object is due to the fact that everything absorbs carbon 18 until they die and they start to rot. Using carbon 14, you find how aged something is.

Another problem with Dalton's theory was discovered in secret 4, but also in the second part that says that all atoms join collectively in equivalent numbers. This is obviously contradicted because we now have a mixture such as WATER which is not in equal numbers. If his rule was completely true, it would have to be HO which is a hydrogen ion.

The very last part of his theory, regulation number a few which discusses that atoms cannot be created, destroyed, or divided is definitely partly bogus because of nuclear fission, we know that it is possible to split and atom and as a result, you to produce lot of strength. Nuclear transmutation is the process of shooting a neutral molecule at an shaky atom like uranium and having that break separate sending even more particles to other atoms of uranium exponentially increasing in electrical power.

In spite of Dalton's theory had it is problems, his ideas exactly where made from simple reasoning and since it was discovered in the 1800's, this uncovered was a la mode. With the progress the microscopic lense and long term experiments made, we rapidly learned that atoms are made of 3 sub-particles known as electrons, protons, and neutrons. We then simply went on to scientifically create a field surrounding the atom exactly where we can forecast the path of electrons and how they can connect to other atoms to form particular bonds; a genuine such as ionic bonds and covalent bonds which create most of the chemical substances that we interact with in our everyday life.


Yr Scientist(s) Discovery


eraDemocritus" by convention bitter, by simply convention sweet, but in truth atoms and void" 1704Isaac NewtonProposed a mechanical galaxy with small solid masses in motion. 1803John DaltonProposed an " atomic theory" with circular solid atoms based upon measurable properties of mass. 1832Michael Faraday

Studied the effect of electricity in solutions, coined term " electrolysis" as being a splitting of molecules with electricity, developed laws of...

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